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Willow Sound is a record label dedicated to the development and distribution of independent music.


With a special focus on education, Willow Sound provides full A&R services to fully understand the business of music while empowering the artist in becoming the CEO of their own music enterprise.


Together with its network of service providers, Willow Sound partners with the artist providing the support and guidance they need to understand what it means to be "indie" in this new music industry while strategizing the most effective ways to Create. Capture. Connect™ their music with the world and become successful Musicpreneurs.

Learn more about the Founder of Willow Sound Records, TARA SHANNON


"I have known Tara for many years now and she is knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy beyond reproach. If you are a person who knows someone or you want to pursue a career in the music business, I recommend no other person in Ottawa that can help you clarify your goals and help you on your artistic path."

Alan Morissette / President / Integrity Talent Direction

“Tara is a music industry pro and is always eager to share her knowledge to help others. She inspires, encourages and ignites creative professionals to reach their full potential. Her experience and success in this industry is something many strive for and her visits to my Music Business class are always a highlight of the year.”

Colin Mills / Professor of Music Business/ Algonquin College

"Tara Shannon is a songwriter, performer, record label owner, music publisher, and most important of all - mentor. Within the music ecosystem, she plays many of the key roles, and works with other key players. This helps to ensure that the writers, performers and others that Tara mentors are very well served, are trained for the real world, and have the best shot at success."

Byron Pascoe / Music Lawyer / Edwards Creative Law

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